How much money do you need to start trading?

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Some time ago, people were convinced that forex trading was something just those with really deep pockets can do. But we have some great news: that’s no longer a thing, as forex is now available and accessible to those who want to try their luck and skills with a minimum investment. Or even no investment at all!

Sounds too good to be true, we know. But stick with us for a few minutes and you will learn how you can start trading without any risks. 

Take advantage of the demo accounts

Nowadays, most forest platforms give beginners the opportunity to start with a demo account, meaning that they can trade risk-free. On the other side, there are many enthusiasts who still want to bet some real cash, so the question still remains: how much to invest, for starters? 

The answer is actually simpler than you may think: no more than the amount of money you would be comfortable to lose. Yes, the more capital you have, the more money you are likely to stake and invest. But don’t forget that we’re also talking about increased volatility here!

Consider a few important aspects

Sure, paying attention to how much you’re willing to lose is clearly an important aspect when starting to invest in forex. On the other side, there are a few more important aspects you should take into consideration before deciding on the amount you want to start with!

Specifically, we’re talking about the amount of profit you want, in the first place. And it’s simple to understand why: the higher you stake, the more profit you can gain. Secondly, there’s your trading style, as it’s well known that those who trade for a short period prefer investing smaller amounts, while those who are in for the long haul invest bigger sums, so they can gradually accumulate and grow. 

To wrap it up, it’s a bit difficult to determine the exact and ideal amount of money one can use to start trading, as this depends on many factors. Therefore, the final decision on how much to invest rests solely with you. But we do hope that the above tips will come in handy!

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